The Chung Report was inspired by the work of data analyst James Chung and his company Reach Advisors. In shining a light on the issues facing Wichita, James created the impetus for a real conversation about the future of this city. Our goal is to make this site one of the places where exploration of these issues can continue. While James has graciously allowed us to use his name, this site is not connected to him or the Wichita Community Foundation, which commissioned his research.

We are Wichitans, first and foremost.

And we want to see this city prosper for everyone who calls it home. The Chung Report is built around the idea that advancing our city is a shared responsibility.

Refreshingly unfiltered, always kindhearted, focused on the prize.

These ideals guide our work as we endeavor to create a vibrant Wichita for generations to come.

This site is an initiative of the Bastian family, who recognized the need for a hub of information, analysis and inspiration to serve as a catalyst for unified action.